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Nusajaya becomes Iskandar Puteri

The Johor state government decided to rename Nusajaya to ISKANDAR PUTERI with effect from 1 January 2016. This was done on the initiative of Johor's Sultan Ibrahim. He mentioned the reason behind this rebranding exercise in a recent interview with The Star newspaper:

The idea seems to be to replace the pretty blank modern name 'Nusajaya' with a name with more history behind it. The old name 'Nusajaya' derived from adding 'nusa' (which means 'mother country' in Malay) and 'jaya' (which means 'success'). 'Nusajaya' was propably thought up as a copy of the name of the federal government administrative capital called 'Putrajaya'.

Here in the words of the Sultan (cited from the above linked interview with The Star):

"The first name given to Johor Baru in those days was Iskandar Puteri, but the late Sultan Abu Bakar replaced it with Johor Baru in 1866."

The fact that Johor Bahru used to be called Iskandar Puteri until 1866 is quite amazing. And now Nusajaya will get Johor Bahru's historic name Iskandar Puteri. Quite a match!

So in a nutshell, from 1 January 2016 Nusajaya will no longer be, and Iskandar Puteri it is. We have already changed our website. And we hope someone told the postman.

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