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Office space with lots of Qi (and a nice view)

We have just received the keys for an office we bought off plan a few years back. The office is on the 33rd floor of an impressive Grade A office tower in Kuala Lumpur Sentral.

The brand new office tower is called Q Sentral. 'Q' as in 'Qi' - in Chinese culture this means something like 'life force', 'breath', 'air' or 'energy flow'. It is one of the material elements which forms part of every living being. In the Feng Shui school of space arrangement the practitioners try to balance the Qi force so that the inhabitants of the building experience maximum levels of energy, wealth, health and luck.

Back on earth ;-) and on a more mondane level, the developer MRCB has done a fine job in creating a Grade A office tower in a fantastic location - easily accessible by car and public transport, arguably the most accessible location in Kuala Lumpur. The main train station is part of the KL Sentral development and only a few minutes away from Q Sentral. From there you can even check in your luggage for certain airlines such as MAS, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, ETIHAD Airways and then take the KLIA Express train to the KL International Airport.

Our office is now for rent. Click here for more details.

And watch the below video for a short tour:

Some more pictures:

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