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Villa Desa's renovation completed

After half a year of work our renovation project 'Villa Desa' has come to a happy ending. Like so many renovations the project got bigger along the way and went over budget, but the end result was worth every ringgit and every drop of sweat. Villa Desa is now even more luxurious: We changed all windows and added plenty of new windows and covered terraces - the big side garden is now the central view from the reception living area. We added an entrance porch, a home office, a downstairs powder room, we increased the size of the kitchen, and of every ensuite bathroom (all 5 of them) and we made the pool bigger. We added planter boxes on the gate posts, in the car porch, on the roof terrace and at the end of the swimming pool - to get the house even more in tune with Ledang Height's green environment. We also upgraded the internet / wifi infrastructure of the house.

You can see more images on the Villa Desa page by clicking here.

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