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A new dawn for Villa Desa

Less than four months ago, on 27 January, our contractors started with the renovation works on Villa Desa - a 5,000 sqf luxury villa on more than 16,700 sqf land. Villa Desa is located in Ledang Heights, a 365 acre development in the heart of Nusajaya, Johor and consists of 571 plots of land.

We bought this house from UEM in 2011 and have renovated it a few years back - but we felt that we missed out on several things and decided to do a new renovation to turn this ugly duckling into a beauty. In around 1 to 2 months we should see whether we have been successful or not.

We are changing most bathrooms, adding an office, a store room, a powder room, covered terraces all around the house. We are replacing all windows to high quality fittings and we are increasing and improving the window space. The house is now opened up towards its big garden on the right. The cast iron roof terrace bannisters have all been replaced with planter boxes to improve privacy and also drainage of rain water - the latter being a permanent problem in this tropical climate.

The internal fit out is all planned and the contractor has already produced the new kitchen units and wardobes.

Our current task is to choose the right wallpaper for a couple of feature walls. And this is more difficult than you would think. Not only has our team to agree on the wallpaper that suits the house but we also have to bear in mind that the house will be rented out and wallpaper always runs the risk of being disliked by any potential tenant. It's a balancing act. We use designer wallpaper from Australia (Milton & King). They have some awsome designs.

Here some pictures from the ongoing renovation in the last stages:

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